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Brain Scans Disprove Theories of ESP

Have you ever felt that you had something like ESP? You know, you get a feeling that something is going to happen and then that thing happens and you start to wonder if you have predictive abilities. Well, chances are that you don't, at least according to a new study which claims to disprove the existence of ESP.

The study, completed by psychology researchers from Harvard University, uses neuroimaging techniques to study theories of ESP. The underlying belief of the research is that if ESP exists, then a brain scan should reveal that the brain reacts differently to ESP stimuli than it would react to non-ESP stimuli.

"The brain shows a suppressed response to stimuli that a person has seen before, even when those stimuli were presented subliminally, so the person wasn't consciously aware of having seen them; furthermore, it shows an enhanced response to stimuli that a person is expecting." (source)

The conclusion of the study is that the brain doesn't act differently to the two types of stimuli and therefore that there is no such thing as ESP.

Question of the Day: Do you believe in ESP?

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