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Fast Food and Colon Cancer


Fast food is being blamed for an increase in colon cancer among younger demographics. Traditionally, colon cancer has been a disease of the fiftysomethings, but research shows that patients under 50 are seeing a rise in numbers. A diet of too much may be the culprit of such alarming news as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald had an article on the figures, "However the study, published by the American Cancer Society yesterday, found incidence rates of colorectal cancer in those aged 20 to 49 increased 1.5 per cent a year in men and 1.6 per cent a year in women between 1992 and 2005. The researchers said rising levels of obesity, and changes in diet towards more fast food, red and processed meat, and less milk over the past three decades might have contributed to the increase in colorectal cancer among young adults observed in the study."

Similarly physicians and researchers believe alcohol plays a role in the stats as well. Younger people generally consume more alcohol on a regular basis. Alcohol consumption coupled with poor eating habits may be some of the primary causes for the cancer. Lifestyle, exercise, eating and early detection are key to preventing colorectal cancer, it is a common disease, but it is considered one of the most treatable if caught early enough.

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