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What is a CT Angiography, and How Does it Work?  

Millions of people around the world suffer from various circulatory problems. These circulatory problems can come from such problems obesity, as well as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In order to maintain the best health possible, it is very important that a person at risk for any of these things gets the right preventative tests.

One example of a necessary test in the form of a preventative scan is the CT angiography. This is a scan that checks for various irregularities in the blood vessels, such as clots or aneurysms. Although people who have a preexisting circulatory condition are the ones who usually get a CT angiography, people who have sustained a trauma because of an accident are also candidates for this kind of procedure.

People who are unaware of how a CT angiography works might be interested to know that it actually takes more time to prepare for this outpatient procedure than it takes to actually do the scan. On average, it takes about fifteen minutes to make sure that the patient is in the proper position, and to administer contrast material (if it is needed to further enhance the blood vessels on the scan) via intravenous.

The CT angiography scan itself takes about a minute to complete. After that time, the patient will be asked to wait for a moment while the technician checks to make sure that the scan pictures came out clearly. Once that has been done, in general the patient can resume regular activities.

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