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Ct Scan in Palm Springs, California (CA)

A full body CT scan can detect liver tumors, kidney tumors, aneurysms and abnormalities in the prostate or ovaries.  This scan can detect lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, fluid in the lungs, coronary arteriosclerosis, aortic aneurysms, liver cancer and growths, gallstones, kidney stones, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, adrenal tumors, ovarian masses, uterine masses, bladder tumors, spinal problems and osteoporosis.

A full body CT scan covers the complete area between the shoulders and the hips.  While it is encouraged to have a regular physical exam from your doctor, a total body scan can diagnose problems that might not have been found otherwise for years to come.

About Desert Medical Imaging

Looking for a Palm Springs imaging center in California? At Desert Medical Imaging, patients who are interested in preventative medicine are welcomed to undergo non-invasive body scans. These scans support the early detection of potentially life threatening disease such as cancer, tumors, vascular disorders, and much more. Patients looking to remain informed about their health are invited to undergo body scans, bone density scans, and lung scans. At this Palm Springs imaging center, a number of different scan options are available which hone in on specific areas of the body or which offer a more general approach and cover all areas of the body. MRI scans and CT scans are also offered as well as heart and brain scans. Patients who opt to have body scans are more informed of their overall health and are taking a great step toward understanding and treating any potential disease at this Palm Springs scan center.

Desert Medical Imaging
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