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About Virtual Colonoscopy

A virtual colonoscopy or a CT colonography is where a CT imaging device is used to look at the interior of the colon that has traditionally only been examined when an endoscope has been inserted into the rectum.

The most common reason for having a virtual colonoscopy is for the screening of polyps and other lesions that may be present in the large intestine.  Polyps are benign growths that form on the inner lining of the intestine.  Polyps can become problematic as well as turn into cancer.

The advantage of having a virtual colonoscopy is the early detection of these growths that enables your physician to remove them before cancer has a chance to develop.  It is recommended that anyone over the age of 50 be screened for polyps every 7-10 years.  If you have high risk factors, you should be screened every 5 years. 

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