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Can a CT Scan show unseen bruises?

Cana ct scan show bruises that have not shown up or are not visible to the eye?

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There are no answers to the question at this time. Please check back with us later.

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Are medications safe to use during a CT scan? (1 answer)
I am claustrophobic and can't stay enclosed spaces for a long time, Can my doctor prescribe something for me before I take a CT Scan? Is ativan or zoloft okay to use?

Can I take benedryl before my CT scan? (1 answer)
I am allergic to certain dyes, and my doctor wants to do a CT scan, should I inform him of this? Can I take benedryl beforehand?

What to wear for a CT Scan (1 answer)
Would is the appropriate clothing to wear during a CT Scan? Would I have to remove any clothing?

Will a CTA show lung cancer in the early stage? (1 answer)

Why would my body get extremely hot during a CT scan? (1 answer)
I have had several CT scans since 2011 due to cancer and follow-ups. I experienced a small feeling of warmth when it got to the bladder area, and this happened each time. On Thursday, I had another one done at UC hospital in Denver. My whole body got extremely hot. Why?

Can I have a CT scan repeated if the last one was performed five years ago? (0 answers)
I had a CT scan about five years ago when I was in San Francisco, and now I am going to New York this week. I was wondering if I could have an up-to-date scan. I am visiting from Ireland for one week and I would like to fit this in. Thank You

What is it called when a CT scan is done using needles instead of dye? (0 answers)

Why would a doc want a patient to have a computed tomography angiography? (0 answers)

Which contrast is typically used in CT angiographies and what it is made of? (0 answers)

Will a Ct Angiography harm my one good kidney? (0 answers)
In 2002 I was told that my right kidney has three blockages. It is currently working at 10%. This has caused high B/P. My Specialist wants me to have a Coronary Ct Angiography to see if there are blockages in the arteries. Will it harm my good kidney?

how long does a full body scan take and do you drink or get injected with something ? (0 answers)

Should I be concerned if my CT Scan revealed an area of white matter of low density? (0 answers)
My CT Scan results showed a small area of white matter of low density involving the left parietal region prominent. It was a non-specific finding. What does this mean? I am very concerned and went to my regular doctor about it. He ordered an MRI and said something about the shadow being in the bone and not in the brain.
Can you offer any clarification?

What does a concussion look like on a CT Scan? (0 answers)

When should a CT scan be performed over an MRI? (0 answers)
When is it better to have a CT scan, and when should an MRI scan be used? Is one more effective than the other?

MRI results versus CT Scan results (0 answers)
I've been experiencing blurred vision and episodes of slight tingling and numbness in my left chin and cheek. Once, my head felt like it was vibrating. A CT Scan did show an abnormality. An MRI showed nothing. Could the MRI be missing something?

Does a full body scan have more, less, or the same amount of radiation as the typical abdominal/pelvic CT scan? Thank you. (0 answers)
I am very concerned about the amount of radiation I received from a very unnecessary CT scan I received for the abdomen and pelvis (I only had the stomach flu).

Is its possible to perform a ct san on a person who weight more than 500 lbs? (0 answers)
Can an overweight individual of 500lbs plus receive a CT scan?

Does getting regular CT Scans put you at radiation risk? (0 answers)
I am a 61 year old male; former smoker. Beginning about 5 years ago, I have had regular CT scans as a method to detect early lung cancer. I have become concerned with radiation risk. Should I start getting MRI exams instead? Are they more expensive?

What can I expect from a CT guided biopsy? (0 answers)
My ex-husband is scheduled for a CT guided Biopsy of tumors identified on the aorta and vena cava. They have said he will be on his stomach for this. Will he be awake? How risky is this? If it is cancer what is the likely treatment.


Can I leave immediately following a Cardiac CT Scan? (0 answers)
Can I go by myself?

What kinds of limitations will be put on CT scans? (0 answers)
I heard that the FDA will be implementing guidelines for CT scan safety. What kinds of rules will be put in place? Will it make it more difficult to get scanned?

How much radiation is the body exposed to in a Whole Body CT Scan? (0 answers)
How much radiation dose per whole body ct scan?

What's the difference between a CT scan and an EBT scan? (0 answers)
What's the difference between a CT scan and an EBT scan? Which is better?

Will a CT Scan help identify the reason for chronic ear infections? (0 answers)
I have a reaccuring ear infection. Have been on antibiotics(amox,sipro,augm)won't seem to go away. The doctor wants a CT Scan. How will this help?

Thyroid Gland images (0 answers)
My thyroid gland CT images are white. Why?

Can you help me read my CT Scan? (0 answers)
#1 hepatomegaly 2. Splenomegaly with abnormal low attenuation
areas within the spleen and mass effect on the upper pole left kidney. 3.
Abnormal mesenteric and retroperitoneal adenopathy with increased numbers of
small lymph nodes present

Should I worry about blockage? (0 answers)
If there is a blockage, how is the blockage reopened? I had a tripple bypass back in 2009. Do I have to be worried about it?

What does a normal CT scan of the head look like? (0 answers)
There are alot of white spaces on my CT scan and some are dark. What does this mean?

Should I wait to get an angiography? Aortic aneurysm.. (0 answers)
78 years old with aortic aneurysm, no dissection. Will wait a year to see any difference in size of descending aorta. Should I still get ct angiography now or wait for a year for the surgery when needed?

How can I exmined brain angiography with 4 slices MX 8000 (0 answers)
How can I examine a patient with brain angiography with use of 4 slice MX 8000 Philips scanner unite.

cta scan (0 answers)
what does a cta scan show that a heart catheterization doesn't? I had a heart catheterization done today and it was done through the brachail artery.They told me they could not get to where they could see the right side of the heart because of turority of my arteries.

What is the best procedure for whole abdomen check up (0 answers)
What do you think is the best procedure for a WHOLE ABDOMEN CHECK-UP, is it an MRI or CT-SCAN? Both procedures are costly on our part and since we'll be spending a fortune for any of this procedures we want to know the best. Need your answer ASAP!

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