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Do I have to take a Nose Piercing out during an MRI?

I have a very new nose Piercing and I have an MRI (to look at my back & neck) in 2 days. Do I have to take it out?

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There are no answers to the question at this time. Please check back with us later.

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What does the abbreviation mean?

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Can aborted MRI results be used? (1 answer)
My MRI had to be aborted 5 minutes before completion. Can the results be used?

Are Open MRI Scans as accurate as traditional scans? (1 answer)
I'd like to have the open MRI scan because I'm slightly claustrophobic, but if it means the quality of the image isn't as good, I'll go with the traditional MRI. Is there a significant difference in the images produced?

After identifying a 75% blockage of R carotid with Doppler at a health fair, is a MRI indicated? (1 answer)

conflicting Results (0 answers)
I had 3 brain MRI's done. 2 with & w/o contrast, 1 regular. All 3 MRI's had different results. I am wondering what is the reason for this? Do tech's interpret differently? is it due to different machines? Is it due to different techniques?

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If the table was vibrating during my MRI scan, would that affect the results? (0 answers)
I have had at least 4 MRI's of the brain over the years and have never felt the "table" vibrate during the procedure. During a recent MRI, the table did just that. At one point the MRI tech told me to lay steady, which is what I was doing. Why would the table vibrate during the scan? Could the shaking affect my results?

Can a patient develop burns several days after an MRI scan? (0 answers)
At the time of the MRI scan, the patient did not complain about any pulling or burning. But days later, there was such a complaint. Can a patient develop a severe burn (enough to get a skin graph) from a bracelet days after having a MRI scan? Also, it is unclear if the patient did indeed have the bracelet on during the scan.

Why would a MRI brain scan be performed w/o contrast dye, then performed again months later with contrast dye? Does this affect the results? (0 answers)

Can an MRI scan detect whether an illness is caused by mold? (0 answers)

Are there MRI scanning alternatives for large bodied people? (0 answers)
I'm obese, and unable to fit inside the MRI scanner at the hospital. Are there any other kinds of scans that could help diagnose my back problems, and that are large enough for me to fit inside?

Are MRI scans covered by most major insurance providers? (0 answers)
I am scheduled for an MRI scan and am unsure of how much the out-of-pocket cost will be. Is it common for insurance companies to offer coverage, and what would determine the coverage available?

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Does the MRI Brain Contrast scan show Normal Pressure hydrocepalus?

What illnesses or diseases does an MRI scan look for? (0 answers)
What illnesses or diseases can an MRI scan help to diagnose?

What is microvascular disease? (0 answers)
Can you please explain what microvascular disease is?

Can the MRI of the heart be effective without contrast? (0 answers)
Can the MRI of the heart be effective without contrast?

Is there a limit to how many MRI scans are safe? (0 answers)
My husband has had 3 MRI's in the last 6 months. He might need a 4th on a different area of his body. Is that safe?

Does MRI show everything that could be causing back pain? (0 answers)
Injured at work resulting in lower back pain and neck injury. I had an MRI done and the doctor says it shows nothing. I still have pain in both my back and neck everyday and I'm still taking pain pills everyday.

Do I need a doctor's order or prescription to have an MRI? (0 answers)
Do I need a doctor's order or prescription to have an MRI if I live in Indiana?

Which scan is the most minimal invasive for a lump in neck? (0 answers)
What procedure is best for a soft tissue mass near c3-4 of spine.

What are surgical staples and wires? (0 answers)
My son had brain surgery, He had surgical staples and has had several MRIs before and after surgery. He also was wired in order to have seizures monitored.

Side effects of syrup used for MRI (0 answers)
Sleeping syrup used for MRI (with contrast) of brain for my daughter which reduced the eye sight of my daughter. The test was performed about 2 months ago, what was the syrup?

Do I need a doctor's referral for a Breast MRI (0 answers)
I'd like to know if a doctor's referral is required for a breast MRI in MA. I would have to pay for genetic testing to see if I was high risk and would then self-pay the MRI if it was warranted, so I wanted to cut out one of the costs. Thanks!

Could I get an open MRI to examine the left breast? (0 answers)
I need an MRI done of my left breast, but I do not want to go into a closed MRI. Is there any equipment that will allow a doctor to examine the breast with an open MRI? Or must it be done with a closed MRI?

Is there any other scan to address brain tumors besides an MRI? (0 answers)
I have a neurostimulator in my body and dont want to have it removed in order to address a tumor in my frontal lobe and on my pituitary gland. Are there any other scans that will address this situation besides an MRI?

Can being compressed at the shoulders cause the MRI to miss showing a torn rotator cuff? (0 answers)
The scanner tube was so tight I ended up with a knot and bruise on my right elbow...

Is there an MRI Scan of the body or would I need to have the CT Scan? (0 answers)
Is there an MRI Scan of the body or would I need to have the CT Scan?

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