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How long does it take to get the results of a no prep colonoscopy?

How long does it take to get the results of a no prep colonoscopy?

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More Questions on Virtual Colonoscopy

Is the virtual colonoscopy accurate? (3 answers)
I've heard that virtual colonoscopies aren’t as accurate as the traditional ones. Is this true, and what are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the virtual colonoscopy?

Do I still have to cleanse before a virtual colonoscopy? (3 answers)
Does a VC still require a colon cleanse?

Can virtual colonoscopy diagnose colon cancer? (2 answers)
Can this procedure diagnose colon cancer, or does a traditional colonoscopy need to be performed to confirm the diagnosis of a worrisome polyp or other concern identified initially by virtual colonoscopy?

Do you know what the CPT code is for a virtual colonoscopy? (1 answer)
I don't know what this means.

Are virtual colonoscopy procedures covered under insurance? (1 answer)
My insurance covers traditional colonoscopies, but I'm not sure if VCs are covered. What are the main differences between the procedures?

How frequently should one undergo Virtual Colonoscopy? (1 answer)
I'm a male in my 50s with no family history of colon cancer. How frequently should I be screened?

When will a Virtual No Prep Colonoscopy be available? (0 answers)
I read about Virtual No Prep Colonoscopy in Prevention magazine many years ago but never found a site that does them.

What is a virtual colonoscopy, and how is it done?! (0 answers)
What is a Virtual Colonoscopy, and how is the test done? Do they still have to put tubes through the bowels??

Is virtual colonoscopy an option with a prior (and first - 7 yrs ago) colonoscopy history of benign polyps. (0 answers)
Is virtual colonoscopy an option with a prior (and first - 7 yrs ago) colonoscopy history of benign polyps.

No prep virtual colonoscopy available? (0 answers)
When will a NO PREP virtual colonoscopy be available?

In a virtual colonoscopy (CT scan) what is "no measurable mass lesion"? (0 answers)
A friend of mine had a virtual colonospy "uisng CTs scan" done. He said they told him that the results were "no measurable mass lesion". What does it mean?

Is there a dye or barium required for this? (0 answers)
I have not had any polyps in the past exams. I am allergic to drugs, dyes, barium and feel this may be the best way for this test. I have to have full surgery procedure when it has been done in the past. Does Medicare now allow this?

What type of gas is used to insufflate the colon? (0 answers)
Also, is it possible to view the axial stacked images without leafing along the centerline in the VC application? and is it common to scan in 2 different projections when doing a VC study? & to what degree does the filet encompass in a VC application

Virtual Colonoscopy Question (0 answers)
Why would a patient want regular colonoscopy opposed to a Virtual Colonoscopy?
Detailed explaination appreciated.

Thanks much.

Might they take out my colon if it is blocked? (0 answers)
I had a colonoscopy done June 29, 2012. They could go no further and said it was blocked. Now my bowel movements are fine, but I have hemorrhoids that may be blocking the colon. Will they have to take my colon out because of that?

What are the risks of a perforated colon when getting a colonoscopy? (0 answers)
My father, who is in his 70s, was recently scheduled for a traditional colonoscopy. He was concerned about perforations and chose not to do the procedure. What are the risk factors of perforation with colonoscopy and how might the virtual be better?

Should I ask for a virtual colonoscopy? (0 answers)
I have IBS. Three days ago I had a diarrhea attack. The 2nd bout of diarrhea was black and the 3rd was only blood. When I went to the hospital, the NG tube showed no blood in my stomach. Colon is convoluted; I failed to get colonoscopy 8 years ago. Should I ask for a virtual colonoscopy?

Could a virtual colonoscopy check for anything other than cancer? (0 answers)
Could a VC evaluate the condition and overall health of the bowls or simply screen for colon cancer?

Do you have to take any thing before a Virtual Colonscopy? (0 answers)
Do you have to take anything before a virtual colonscopy?

Is it possible to do a virtual colonoscopy with MRI? (0 answers)
Wouldn't there be less radiation?

Is it okay to have the colon cleansed using several sessions of "hydrotherapy" before a Virtual Colonoscopy? (0 answers)
Rather than using the "traditional" prep kit to cleanse the colon, - I don't want to use those chemicals in my body if I can avoid it. Is hydrotherapy an alternative option?

Is a virtual colonoscopy during cancer treatment safe? (0 answers)
I am undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer; is it still okay to have a routine virtual colonoscopy?

What does it mean if they find a polyp during a Virtual Colonscopy? (0 answers)
I already had a colonoscopy, they could only go through 50% due to adhesion. What does it means and what happens if the doctor finds a polyp?

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