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Is the amount of radiation increased in 84 slice CT from the 64 Slice CT Scan?

Is there a difference in radiation from a 84 slice CT Scan from the 64 slice CT Scan?

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There are no answers to the question at this time. Please check back with us later.

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I have emphysema but my dr is sending me for a ct guided biopsy, I'm worried that with my condition this is not wise, opinion? (2 answers)
I expressed my concern regarding this but my doctor says not to worry, but i am!!

Can the 64 Slice scan detect soft plaque? (1 answer)
Is it possible for the 64 slice ct scan to detect soft plaque in the arteries?

Is there a low dose radiation scan option other than the 64 Slice CT Scan? (1 answer)
Is there a "lower radiation dose" 64 slice CT scanner available (cardiac)...if so what is it called.

CT scan results different two times (0 answers)
I had a CT scan 2 weeks ago for severe right side pain. The scan showed abnormality in colon test done with contrast drink and dye. The pain got so bad 2 weeks later I went to the emergency room. I had another CT scan done and it came back negative no contrast drink just dye. Why is that?

What does the number 64 denote? (0 answers)
What does the number 64 denote in "64 Slice CT Scan"?

Can CT scans find cancer in the colon? (0 answers)
I got a CT slice scan done a few weeks back because I had symptoms of appendicitis. It ended up just being stomach flu. If they detected something abnormal would they tell me, even if they weren't looking for cancer?

I have had too many complications attached to CT Angiogram. Are there any safer & better options available? (0 answers)
Difficulty while reading- pronouncing words came out wrong 3 times. Had numb lips, dizziness, weakness, confusion. Hosp. said I had a stroke. My doc. is not sure. Am being sent for CT angiogram. Seems to be too many complications with a CT Scan are

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Is it an option to be be slightly sedated for the procedure?

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