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Is there a difference between a head CT and a brain CT?

Is there a difference between a head CT and a brain CT?

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Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Central Medical Imaging  |  CMI
Royal Oak, MI

They are the same scan.

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Is a CT Scan affected by wearing braces like an MRI is? My daughter is having reoccurring headaches for several months (she is a 13 year brain tumor survivor) and last MRI was skewed due to braces.

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Is the radiation more intense or detrimental when the head is being scanned, rather than other body parts?

Can I be in the same room with my child as he gets the Child CT Scan? (1 answer)
He gets very frightened without me and I wanted to know if I could stand beside him without receiving any damaging rays.

Will a CT head scan diagnose a concussion? (1 answer)
Is there another way to diagnose this?

What is an artifact in a CT Scan? (1 answer)
I was wondering what an artifact is in a CT Scan?

Why it is difficult to see the metal in my head? (1 answer)
I have a plate in my head since 1975. I am trying to have a picture of it. However, all the radiologists I've been to, can't see it. It wasn't taken out. Why they cannot see it?

Doing a ct scan of brain following head trauma? (0 answers)
Someone says thay a ct scan of brain gives accurate result after 24 hours of head trauma. Is it right/wrong? If right, why?

Temporal Bone Scan (0 answers)
What is the best scan to have to detect a superior canal dehiscience and can it be done without contrast?

CT scan for headaches (0 answers)
I always feel my headaches most of the time. Is it good advice to have a CT scan?

When a doctor orders a CT Heat Scan, what are you looking for exactly? (0 answers)

I have a lump like fatty tissue on skull. What kind of scan is right for me? (0 answers)
I've had this lump on my head for a long time. I get it checked by a neurologist every six months. At times when I'm stressed it hurts.

What is a mild mucosal thickening in the ethmoid sinuses and maxillary antra? (0 answers)
Do I need a CT scan? I had a bad fall and landed on my face.

If someone had an injury, what does a level 3 result mean? (0 answers)
My brother fell at work and they rushed him to the hospital. He said the doctors gave him a level 3 result and that he would need to return in two to three days to retake a CT scan. What is meant by a level 3 result?

Is smoking detected in a head ct scan? (0 answers)
Is smoking detected in a head ct scan?

Will CT scan determine what is causing dizziness? (0 answers)
For about 2 weeks when I wake up and through the day I feel dizzy in my head, as though my head is clogged liked what happens to your ear when you're on a train underground. What could this be?

Deciding whether it is essential to under go CT Head Scan? (0 answers)
My wife, 47 years old, is having headaches. She is going through menopose and also having little problem of sugar & colostral having a regular dose of PIOZ MF15 and Zyrova10 & Fenolip145, she is a psychatic patient under medication since 18yrs-bipolar disorder

Can I take a CT Head Scan for a general test? (0 answers)
I would like to take a CT Head Scan for just a general check up , I have sinititus and some times I get headaches. I want to know if something is wrong. Please suggest whether I have to take a CT Head Scan.

Which CT scan should I get for these symptoms? (0 answers)
I have serious neck pain, headache, and other symptoms like homer syndrome. I suspect that I have cervical sympathetic. Should I get a CT head scan or other sort of CT scan?

How soon after onset of a stroke will a CT show evidence of the stroke? (0 answers)
Reportedly a CT will show immediate evidence of brain bleeding, whereas a stroke does not show up on a CT until much later. How long is "later" and what is physics as to why CT doesn't show immediate stroke whereas MRI does?

Weak, faint, and heaviness but CT Scan came back normal. (0 answers)
I've had the problem of weakness, feeling faint, and heaviness all the time, so my doctors suggested that I get a CT head scan. I got the head scan and my report came back normal. So what could be the problem if the scan came back normal?

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