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Why would you need a Heart Scan before chemotherapy?

I have had surgery for breast cancer and need chemo and radiation. The doctor wants to do a heart scan before chemotherapy, why?

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More Questions on Heart Scan

What is the difference between a 64 Slice and a Heart Scan? (3 answers)
I am confused about the difference between the heart scan and the 64 slice. Does the heart scan just tell how much calcium build up you have overall or can it detect blockages? I want to get one and I can't decide which one I should do.

Can heart scans predict heart attacks? (3 answers)
What exact risk-factors or problems can heart scans identify, and can a heart scan predict if I’m going to have a heart attack?

Are there significant risks involved with a heart scan? (2 answers)
I am female, 65 with a history of high cholesterol & high blood pressure. I had a heart scan through a walk in offer. No one explained any risk involved & I am now worried after researching. What risks are involved with a heart scan?

How is a Heart Scan performed? (2 answers)
What equipment is used to perform a heart scan?

Should a Heart Scan be done on everyone on a yearly basis? (2 answers)
Is this safe?

How often should I get a heart scan? (2 answers)
I am in my 50s but no family history of heart disease. How often should I get a scan?

What is a Nuclear Heart Scan? (1 answer)
How does it differ from other nuclear heart scans? What is it used for?

Can a Heart Scan show clogged neck arteries? (1 answer)
Can a Heart Scan detect clogged neck arteries

Uncertaintity about something in my lungs after having a heart scan. Have to wait 3 months? (1 answer)
I had a heart scan and the tech said that there was something in my lungs. He said that it could just be the way I was laying and would need to look again in three months! Why the wait? Why is it possible that it is just a glitch? I am a pervious smoker and worked in second hand smoke environments.

What kind of Heart Scan would evaluate arrhythmias? (1 answer)
I was told as a child that I had an irregular heart beat; now at age 25 I want to make sure it isn't dangerous. How should I proceed?

What is a dangerous calcium score? (0 answers)
I had a heart scan and the results showed a calcium score of 440 is this dangerous?

Which is safer a Heart Scan or Nuclear Scan? (0 answers)
Which is safer a Heart Scan or Nuclear Scan?

Can a heart scan reveal if one has had a heart attack 20 or more years ago? (0 answers)
I was on Amitriptyline, unfortunately I suffered with many side effects, but the most disconcerting was the tachycardia. One day I had a severe pain in my chest and almost fainted. Could I have had a heart attack, and would a scan reveal this?

Is a dye injected for a scan of an enlarged heart? (0 answers)
Is a dye injected for a scan of an enlarged heart?

Why can't I drive after a heart scan? (0 answers)
I am having a heart scan and have been told that I can not drive after it. Why? I have to have surgery for cancer but was flaged for blood flow problems in the lower chamber.

What is the cpt code for this procedure? (0 answers)
What is the cpt code for a heart scan?

What is mao cadial mass? (0 answers)
What is mao cadial mass?

Can the scan be done if you have a head cold? (0 answers)

I have a wedding ring that will not come off can it stay on? (0 answers)
Can rings disrupt the heart scan at all?

Are there non-invasive heart and artery scans? (0 answers)
I am looking for the most accurate scan for checking the heart and the arteries for narrowing because of plaque or blockage, but without risk of radiation such as with CT scans. It needs to be low cost or covered under the affordable care act for insurance.

How will a stent affect my heart scan, and vice versa? Will the results be accurate? (0 answers)

Can an irregular heartbeat be dangerous? Can a heart scan help me find out what's triggering it? (0 answers)

How detailed is a heart scan? (0 answers)
I have been in the Cath Lab 4 times in the last 2 years. I want a heart scan to understand were the blockages are and why the stents have not worked. Will a heart scan give me that detail?

How does one know whether chemotherapy is safe for someone's heart or not? (0 answers)

What does a score of 17 mean on a heart scan? (0 answers)
I had a score of 17 on a recent heart scan. What does this mean to me?

Does PAD show up on Heart Scans? (0 answers)
Does PAD show arteries in the brain and does this scan show PAD disease?

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