What Would a Bone Density Scan Reveal About George Clooney?

Actor George Clooney suffered a frightening fall off of a motorcycle a few weeks ago and is still continuing to heal from the cracked ribs that were sustained from the crash. There really wasn't a whole lot that Clooney could have done to prevent the injury was there? Well, maybe there was. While it's common to get injured ribs from a fall like the one that he took, there are definitely ways to protect your bone density. The most common way, of course, is to eat a calcium-rich diet which helps sustain the density of the bones. You can get your own bone density checked out with a bone density scan. That way, if you're planning on doing some Clooney-style riding, you at least know what kind of risks you're taking. Having dense bones won't necessarily prevent you from getting hurt in a motorcycle accident, but it can help with that prevention and can also help with easing the healing process.

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