Anorexics and Bone Density Problems

Adolescent girls suffering from anorexia are in serious risk of developing bone density issues. Physicians are urging parents and these young girls to get bone density scans to prevent and diagnose bone abnormalities. The ever increasing number of anorexia has led many to believe they will develop health issues earlier on in life, but this new study shows that health problems like osteoporosis can develop in the teen years. Gynecologist Dr. Michelle Warren says,

"This CT methodology is new and gives better knowledge about what is going on in the bones, because it gives information about their architecture. It shows that we really should pay more attention not only to the absolute value of the bones, but also to how much weight an individual has lost."

Early detection of bone density problems can help physicians impede the strength of osteoporosis. The CT scans take images of thin slices of the bone to better see abnormalities, structure and density of the bone. Similarly by getting scanned regularly the doctors can track changes yearly in the bone density of these young girls.

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