Global Study of Osteoporosis in Women Reveals Interesting Information

One of the most important screening exams that an individual can get done is the bone density scan. This scan helps identify early signs of osteoporosis, a problem which plagues a large number of aging adults. Osteoporosis, left untreated, leads to brittle and broken bones which can ultimately lead to other serious (even fatal) health problems. As a result, it is highly important to detect the problem at its onset in order to make lifestyle changes that will limit the impact of the issue. A global study recently took a look at the way that osteoporosis is identified, prevented and treated in women around the world. The study revealed interesting information which suggests that women in all parts of the world should be encouraged to be more proactive in treating the problem through prevention by screening. The study showed that twenty-five percent of women, on average, have experienced a bone fracture after the age of forty-five. Very few of the women studied were taking medications to prevent the problem of osteoporosis. The number of treated women was much lower for European women than for women in North America. This suggests that European women in particular should be getting an early diagnosis. Question of the Day: What should be done to make sure that women around the world are getting bone density scans for osteoporosis? photo link
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