Osteoporosis Genes Help With Screening

One of the most common preventive imaging scans that is done is the bone density scan, a procedure which allows people to check for early warnings signs of osteoporosis in order to prevent this disease of aging that plagues such a great percentage of the population. Those scans may now be assisted by additional potential screening made possible by the identification of two different genes related to osteoporosis. Two different proteins have been identified in the body that are likely to indicate risk of osteoporosis if they are both present in the body at the same time. This was the case for twenty percent of the population studied by researchers who were reviewing the genes related to osteoporosis.
The authors say: "These alleles can be measured with near-perfect precision and without bias years before the age at which fractures tend to occur - which could provide ample lead-time for preventive measures. Eventually, a panel of genetic markers could be used in addition to environmental risk factors to identify individuals who are most at risk for osteoporotic fractures." (source)
This would not be a replacement for the bone density scan but instead would be a supplemental tool used for better preventive health as people begin to age into the years during which osteoporosis becomes a serious issue. Question of the Day: What do you see as the best methods of preventing osteoporosis? photo link
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