Ultrasound May Offer Simple Osteoporosis Screening

People who are interetsed in checking out their risk of osteoporosis are typically going to get a bone density scan. This is an important screening test whch can provide information to the patient about signs of osteoporosis in order to prevent some of the problems that this illness causes as people aeg. However, it may be possible to use simpler screening to determine this same information. A new study showed that a radiation-free ultrasound may be useful for detecting signs of osteoporosis in aging women. The information obtained from this testing can be combined with other information about the patient in order to better assess whether bone density screening is actually necessary. This could help to reduce unnecessary screening while improving the screening for those patients who are at risk of problems with osteoporosis. Learn more about this study here. Question of the Day: Is ultrasound screening a good choice for people who may be at risk of osteoporosis but who aren't ready for a bone density scan? photo link
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