Alzheimer's More Likely to Be Caught by Computer than by Doctors

Chances are that you would rather have a real person look at your brain scan than to have a computer review it without a doctor's help. However, you could be making a mistake if you choose the doctor in this scenario for diagnosis early dementia and Alzheimer's disease. A new study found that computers were more accurate at detecting Alzheimer's from a brain scan than doctors were. Computers can "look" at a clinical MRI scan and detect whether or not it's affected by Alzheimer's with an accuracy of up to 96%. In addition to the fact that the results of these tests are more accurate than those of human brain scan reviews, there are economic benefits to using this method of diagnosis. A computer's time isn't nearly as valuable (or costly) as that of a doctor. Locations with limited medical professionals as resources can use this method to increase efficiency for their patients. Question of the Day: Would you prefer having a computer or a doctor read your brain scan now that you've heard this information? photo link
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