Brain Tumor Neuroimaging Improves Quality of Life

Patients who are suffering from a brain tumor don't have many options other than to have the tumor removed. However, there are definite risks associated with brain surgery. These risks have the potential to impact different parts of the brain and lower the patient's quality of life. Researchers interested in eliminating this problem have been working hard to find ways to map out the brain and decrease these risks. A new study shows that neuroimaging can be immensely helpful in this area on an individual level. Neuroimaging is used to map the function of the brain before, during and after the surgery. This provides valuable information to the surgeon which decreases the risks of the surgery. The surgeon is better able to balance the need to remove the tumor with the risks of removing parts of the brain. This ensures better patient survival rates and an overall increase in the quality of life for patients. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Is imaging more important for preventive health or as part of the overall treatment of disease?

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