Changes in Brain Imaging has just published the first part of their two-part article on brain imaging. This is something worth checking out whether you are a professional working in the imaging field or a patient interested in learning more about the advances that are being made in this area of medicine. The article discusses the issues that are present in imaging today and the advances that medical researchers are working on in order to improve brain imaging. This information is of particular interest to those who are concerned about technology for stroke victims. The article explains that the stroke imaging that is visible with a CT scan actually differs significantly from the true physiology of the brain. While the CT scan provides valuable information to doctors, it doesn't do as much as it needs to in order to assist doctors in preventing and treating strokes. The article points out that PET imaging is going a step further than CT imaging in this area. Question of the Day: Did you know that strokes are the second leading cause of death around the world? photo link

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