Optical Light May Supplement MRI for Alzheimers

Many advances have been made in recent years in terms of imaging medicine for detecting Alzheimers. For example, it was found not that long ago that PET scans could be used to better distinguish whether a person really had Alzheimers or whether they instead had the similar condition of dementia. In spite of the advances, it is still most common to use the MRI to scan for signs that someone is suffering from Alzheimers. However, the MRI may soon begin to be supplemented with the use of optical light imaging. A recent study revealed that "near-infrared light may help detect microscopic signs of Alzheimer's disease in brain tissue". The belief by researchers is that this may be used as a way to improve early detection of the disease. Question of the Day: Which method of Alzheimers imaging do you ultimately think will prove most successful? photo link

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