Stroke Scans more Important in U.S. than Overseas

It is important for people all over the world to consider getting a heart scan in order to detect and prevent heart disease and strokes. However, it turns out that it may be considerably more important for people in the United States to get the heart scan than it is for their European counterparts. That is because a new study reveals that strokes are much more prevalent in the United States than they are overseas. The men in the United States are over sixty percent more likely than the men in Europe to suffer from a stroke. The women in the United States are also more likely to suffer from a stroke than their European counterparts. This points to a widespread problem in the U.S. which is due in large part to our dietary and exercise habits here in the United States. Prevention includes readjusting our way of life as well as making sure that we take preventive measures to diagnose and treat heart disease. An imaging doctor can recommend the right types of scanning technology for this kind of preventive detection. Question of the Day: Why do you think United States residents are so much more likely than Europeans to suffer from strokes? photo link
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