Studying Brain Tumors

An article available online now takes a look at what brain tumors are and how they are diagnosed and treated. While the overview that this article provides is fairly simplistic, it does offer some interesting insight into the different imaging that can be used in a brain scan. Specifically, the article talks both about the CT Scan and the MRI as ways of diagnosing a brain tumor. It describes the way that CT scans use Xray technology where as MRIs use magnet technology. Of course, that's a very basic breakdown but it can help someone who is undergoing tumor diagnosis to better understand what's going on. In most cases, the brain scan that will be done is going to be the MRI. In addition to diagnosing tumors, this scan can be used to assess the patient for stroke risk and to determine damage done to the inside of the head. Question of the Day: What would be the first question that you would have about brain tumor diagnosis? photo link
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