Colon Cancer Awareness Soars

colon_cancer_awareness_Kalamazoo_scan_blog_Feb2009.jpg There has been much buzz circulating around colon cancer, especially with the recent Medicare pull-out. The awareness is spreading nationwide, in Kalamazoo, Michigan a Colorectal Cancer Awareness Health Fair is being held to promote and promulgate the importance of early detection, prevention tips, symptoms, and treatments. Educating people is key to better awareness which is why health fairs like this are so vital to better living. A local Kalamazoo paper said, "The event, hosted by Gastroenterology of Southwest Michigan, will feature the Super Colon, an inflatable, interactive colon that teaches people about the risks, symptoms and detection of colon cancer; a mock colonoscopy room where guests can view a virtual colonoscopy; and insurance providers who can talk about coverage options." The event is free and will hopefully be one of a series of health fairs done around the nation.

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