Colon Cancer Down Under

ColonCancer_Scan_blog_June09.jpg Colon cancer is coming to Australia, and no not like the Swine Flu. In fact 'bowel cancer' as the Aussies prefer to call it, is being publicized around Sydney. Physicians in Sydney are hoping to raise awareness and even a bit of fear among Sydney-siders and a nation that is generally quite passe and breeds 'no worries.' A local doctor is bringing colon cancer to the limelight by setting up a display in the heart of city highlighting the dangers of colon cancer. (Daily Telegraph) said, "Prof Newstead spoke on Tuesday at an event in Sydney's CBD, where a giant inflatable colon allowing people to walk through and see the cancer's "polyp" warning signs. Prof Newstead is calling on Australians aged over 50 to speak to their GP about having a test for bowel cancer, while those with a family history of the disease should do so from 40. It is estimated two Australian deaths from bowel cancer could be prevented each day if those in at-risk groups were screened every two years." Nearly 14,000 Australians are diagnosed with colon cancer each year, and a large percentage actually die from it. Professor Newstead is hoping to alarm his fellow countrymen and also show them how they can prevent it, and call for early detection, which generally dramatically increases chances of survival.

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