Colon Cancer Hope with Stem Cells

colon_cancer_scan_blog_Apr09.jpg Colon cancer is one of the top three most popular forms of cancer that cause death worldwide. However, if caught in it's early stages colon cancer can be warded off and treated. Unfortunately a large number or people do not get yearly virtual colonoscopies for early diagnosis. New research has emerged on the market that destroying abnormal stem cells can aid in treating colon cancer in it's early stages. BBC News said, "Immature cells line the gut and normally replace and repair the tissue but malfunctions can lead to cancer. Scientists believe detecting and obliterating these rogue cancer stem cells as soon as they appear could be a potent new anti-cancer strategy. Scientists are still uncertain exactly which cells in the gut become cancer stem cells. But they know definitively that they exist - and that they play a central role in the formation of cancer" Although the study is still fairly new, it is promising for physicians and patients alike. By catching colon cancer early, treatments become less invasive and decrease side effects significantly.

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