Colon Screening Recommended For Obese Patients

People who are suffering from obesity are general recommended to get preventive imaging for certain health problems that are likely as a result of their excessive weight. One type of preventive screening that has recently been found to be particularly important for obese people is screening for colon cancer. A recent study completed in Australia has determined that there is a link between colorectal cancer and obesity. This link suggests the importance of screening for people with this problem. The study found that persons with obesity were twenty percent more likely than persons of average weight to develop colorectal cancer. The likelihood was greater for obese men than it was for obese women although both genders saw increased likelihood. Additionally, it was discovered that the amount of weight carried does have an effect on risk so the heavier that someone is, the more important it is that they get screened for colon cancer. Colorectal cancer is a serious problem. The report mentions that it is the second most common form of cancer in Australia. As you know from our website, it is also the second most common cause of cancer here in North America. One method of screening for colorectal cancer is through the use of the virtual colonscopy. If you have concerns about your weight and your increased risk of colon cancer, find a doctor who can assist you in alleviating these concerns by checking you out. Question of the Day: Do you know what the most common form of cancer in North America is? photo link

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