Breast CT Scan

BreastCT_scan_blog_august09.JPG A new CT Scan used to detect cancerous breast tumors is currently being tested as an alternative to a traditional mammogram. For the test, women lay on their stomach with their breasts placed within two holes in the scanning table. The CT scanners rotate around the breasts from underneath the table. Women participants have noted that this is more comfortable position and scanning method than a mammogram. The scan is being tested at UC Davis and the "breast CT is still experimental for diagnosis" says the research leader to US News & World Report. More tests need to be conducted before widespread use of this new scanning technology. However, there are some drawbacks. The test could not be used by women with small breasts that cannot drop down in the specified holes. Also, tumors that are not close to the nipple may not be able to be detected from this type of CT scan. These are issues being tested and more research will be conducted in the coming months

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