Hate Hospitals? Get Your Body Scan at a Hotel.

Do you hate going to doctors? It's okay; we understand. Nobody really likes the process of going to the doctor but we do it anyway because we know it's important for our health. Besides, we like getting the information that the doctor can provide us with ... we just don't like the actual process. Pennsylvania residents recently got the chance to get some of the benefits of the doctor without having to go through the whole hospital / doctor's office issue. They were able to receive total body scans at a local hotel! Kidneys, livers, thyroid and heart conditions were all part of what was monitored in the scan for a total cost of only $500. Many people found the opportunity to find out what was going on inside their bodies a little too good to pass up. Whatever gimmicks get people out and checking their bodies, it's a good thing. However, it's always recommended that you suck up that fear and go to a doctor's office to get the most accurate information about your health. A doctor trained in preventive imaging will be able to give you the best and most accurate information and advice. And in the end, aren't you usually glad you went to the doctor? photo link

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