Improved Technology Reduces Risks of CT Scan

There are many good reasons that people get CT scans. They are used by doctors to obtain additional information when initial symptoms or screening indicate that there could be a problem within the body. They are also used by individuals interested in taking preventive measures to avoid health problems by having their bodies checked out. However, not all people believe that CT scans are a good thing, especially for preventive medicine. Some people worry that there is a link between cancer and the use of CT scans. They believe that the radiation from the scan is cancer-causing. This is an issue of debate among the medical community and not one that's been conclusively proven. The studies that have been done indicate that if this is true, it's rare. But for those people who are concerned about the issue, there is new CT technology on the market which should reduce those fears. The technology is a new type of CT scanner for the brain which has reduced radiation levels. There isn't just a minor reduction in these levels either; the technology is reported to emit eighty percent less radiation than the standard CT scan. Ask your doctor for additional information. Question of the Day: Have you avoided CT scans because of the possible radiation risk? photo link

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