The Risk of CT Scans for Kids

Many people are interested in knowing what the risks are of radiation exposure by a CT scan. The problem is that there are no specific numbers on those risks. This can lead to media hype which frightens people unnecessarily. However, there is one area where you can never be too careful; that's when making medical decisions about your kids. ABC News reports that the potential dangers of the CT scan could be increased for children. Of course, the reality is that your doctor is probably not going to recommend a CT scan for your child unless it's really necessary anyway. Nevertheless, you should speak about any concerns you have with your doctor so you can make the best choice for your kids. As we noted yesterday, media reports about CT scans are often not based on factual information. You should read this all with a cautious eye and be sure to speak with your doctor about the true risks for you or your children. Question of the Day: In what case would you accept or refuse a CT scan on your child?

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