Atherosclerosis Risks

Johns Hopkins researchers have reported that Estrogen and Testosterone may influence the risk of developing Atherosclerosis. These naturally produced sex hormones may be hardening arteries without you even knowing. The study also discovered that men have significantly higher chances of developing heart disease because of their increased amounts of testosterone levels. These findings are being presented at the Nov 11th American Heart Association conference in New Orleans.

"The study suggests that older women who produce a relatively high amount of estrogen are more likely to develop coronary artery calcium (CAC), a component of the fatty plaque that builds up in blood vessels and hardens arteries. Older men with relatively high amounts of testosterone are also more likely to develop CAC."

With factors like sex hormones influencing Atherosclerosis it is vital that men and women take precaution and get heart scans regularly. Heart attack is a silent killer among candidates with heart disease.

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