Bike For A Healthy Heart

Bicycling_scan_blog_july09.JPG In order to prevent heart disease, individuals are told to watch their diet and exercise regularly as standards for preventative care. One way to help increase your daily exercise regiment is to bike to work. Not only are you saving gas, but you might also be saving years of your life lost if you were to have a heart attack! "The researchers found that 16.7 percent of the participants walked or cycled to work (active commuting), and those men and women appeared to be more fit. Those who were active commuters were less likely to be overweight or obese and had healthier triglyceride, blood pressure and insulin levels" reports If you live close enough to bike or walk, maybe try doing so once or twice a week to start. A healthy heart and body will help prevent heart disease, increase lung capacity, and help alleviate high blood pressure.
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