CT Angiography Recommended for Saving Costs

Patients interested in getting screened for coronary artery disease have a few different options available to them. The most commonly used option is to get SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) done. However, a new study shows that the use of CT Angiography before this procedure can significantly save on overall screening costs. For patients who did have coronary artery disease, the costs of doing this test first could be higher. However, costs are significantly lower for patients who do not have the disease. Taking a look at the whole group of people who get tested, it is revealed that costs are lower overall for those people taking the CT Angiography screening first. Both methods allow doctors to find out what they need to regarding the presence of this health problem. It makes sense to go with the one that is financially better for you, especially during this time when the economy is in flux. Learn more about this study here. Question of the Day: Would you be likely to choose a lower cost screening option if one was available? photo link
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