FDA Approves New Angiographic Imaging Tool

The people over at Pinyons Medical Technology are having a good week because the FDA just approved their new angiographic imaging tool so it can now begin to be marketed. The tool is called The PowrSyringe Injector. It is a hand-held angiographic imaging device which reportedly has a unique ergonomic design that facilitates medical imaging.
"The PowrSyringe bridges the gap between syringes and electronic power injectors," said Shawn Fojtik, Pinyons Chief Executive Officer. "PowrSyringes should deliver the ease-of-use, cost-effective, and tactile feedback characteristics of a syringe, plus the faster injection speed and image quality benefits of electronic power injectors."
There are new products being developed all of the time to improve medicine. Some of them become standard in the industry because they are so efficient at making medical practices easier. And others fall by the wayside as just fads. Which way will The PowrSyringe go? logo photo credit
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