Firefighters Encouraged to get Heart Scans

You would think the leading cause of death amongst firefighters would be well…fire related. However, heart attacks are causing the most on duty fatalities - accounting for 44% of all deaths. With such alarming figures the United States Fire Administration is urging all firefighters to get preventative heart scans - Electron Beam Tomography scans in order to detect calcium in the arteries. Most of the firefighters falling victim to cardiac related deaths lead highly stressful lives. Alongside getting yearly heart, lung and body scans the administration is suggesting that firefighters, especially those in fast paced areas, stringently shift their lifestyles to become healthier. Quality of life, sleep, not smoking and holiday time are also key elements in maintaining heart and body health. New Jersey is one of the first states to oblige all of their firefighters to get tested. A first hand account from a former New Jersey Fireman shows the toll, impact and stress their job has on their lives,
" 'One minute you're still in the firehouse and then two minutes later you're going down a roadway with lights and sirens blaring. Your heart was at rest, but a minute later it's pumping 100 miles an hour,' said Capt. Norman Tahan, 45, a veteran Clifton firefighter who underwent calcium scoring recently and was relieved to receive a score of zero."
Although, insurance doesn't cover the heart scans, and prices are considerably high, the firefighters union is subsidizing the cost. The administration and state is very concerned for the health of their fireman and are keen believers that these preventive body scans are the key to lowering death rates among their units. Whether or not you are a firefighter, heart and body scans are an important factor in maintaining your health and preventing cancer and heart disease. Check out to learn more and find a provider in your area.
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