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Healthy_Heart_ScanDirectory_Blog_Jan09.jpg Maintaining a healthy heart takes more than just regular check-ups yearly. In order to tend to your health and more specifically your heart - this year start a new heart regiment. From yearly virtual heart scans to eating healthier here are a few tips to keep that heart of yours pumping and beating stronger than ever. As we all know cooking at home after long day of chugging away at work can be quite demanding and quite unsuccessful at times. We fall susceptible to eating garbage and eating out constantly - which means eating foods with bad fats. Cooking at home, and doing so using healthy products and good oils and fats will be the key to your hearts health. So remember its not just getting checked yearly, its constantly maintaining good eating and exercise habits in order to properly take care of your health. Take a tip or two from this woman who's husband had a heart attack. "There is no time like now to look for ways to take care of your heart. If you have put off a yearly checkup with your doctor, consider making an appointment. I am convinced that healthy cooking and exercise have energized my family and revitalized our lives."
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