Heart Disease and the Elderly

heart_health_scan_blog_Feb09.jpg Many Americans over the age of 75 are falling victim to cardiovascular issues post-heart attack, most of which are induced by cardiogenic shock. CS occurs when the heart stops feeding blood to the organs of the body and it causes the body to go into shock. Sadly, many elderly patients are not given invasive treatments to mend the issue, but recent research shows invasive procedures should be used. US News and World Report said, "Elderly patients who are admitted to the hospital with massive heart attacks may still benefit from emergency coronary artery balloon angioplasty with stenting, despite their advanced age. Although mortality occurs in roughly half of patients in these high risk situations, without this aggressive treatment, the prospect of survival is very poor," study senior author David Clark, an interventional radiologist at Austin Hospital in Melbourne, said in an American College of Cardiology news release." Though this treatment is aggressive, it is important that people over the age of 50 take regular care of their heart and arteries, for heart attack chances are decreased with yearly virtual heart scans.
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