Heart Imaging Agents Need More Studying

A strong recommendation has been made by a panel of experts to improve heart imaging for patients. The recommendation is for the people who make the contrast agents that are used to enhance visibility of echocardiogram information. The makers are strongly urged to conduct widespread studies to reduce the complications that sometimes occur with the use of these contrast agents. There have been problems in the past for patients using these contrast agents, problems that have included death in rare instances. The medical panel is strongly urging a comprehensive and intensive study of the agents to increase their safety as well as their efficiency for heart imaging. The echocardiogram is not the only option for heart imaging. Patients who are concerned about this issue will want to discuss alternative heart scan options with their doctors until this recommended study is complete. Learn more about this important issue here. Question of the Day: What should makers of contrast agents for echocardiograms be doing to improve their safety?

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