Heart Month

heart_disease_awareness_scan_blog_Feb09.jpg In honor of February and Heart Awareness Month, I feel it is necessary to bolster heart disease awareness. In recent weeks many headlines are reporting the possible links from preventative body scans to cancer due to increased doses of radiation. However, for those of you at high-risk for heart disease (family history, high cholesterol and blood pressure), it is vital to get checked yearly. So if in spite of the recent remarks about radiation, buy a loved one a gift certificate to get checked, or simply actively pursue teaching friends and family about the symptoms or lack thereof, possible treatments and preventative scans available. Avid use of any form of CT scans is clearly not ideal, however thousands of people worldwide succumb to coronary artery disease and heart attacks due to lack of awareness. Hopefully we can try to make February a successful awareness month and bring heart disease into the forefront.
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