Heart MRI Safe For Pediatric Patients

Infants with congenital heart diseases can safely be monitored using cardiovascular MRI scans according to a new study completed in Germany. The study confirmed that the use of the MRI scan to monitor these patients caused no problems or complications for the infants including those related to blood pressure and heart rate. This is important because it means that an important diagnostic tool previously believed to be potentially unsafe for these high-risk patients can now be used to assist in the treatment of problems for this population.
"The mean time for the imaging procedures was 110 minutes, with a range of plus or minus 27 minutes. The calculation covered the time from the patient's arrival through intubation and positioning, the imaging scan, and the return to the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit. The researchers reported that all exams were completed successfully with good image quality."
The majority of heart scans completed are actually CT scans. However there is a high radiation risk with CT scans which makes them undesirable for use with infants. The ability to use the MRI scan makes the process of monitoring these patients much safer. Question of the Day: Will the MRI become a regular monitoring tool used for pediatric patients with congenital heart problems? photo link
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