Heart Scan Helps Save Basketball Player

The students of the University of Louisiana could have been singing a mournful tune for one of their star basketball players if it weren't for a heart scan and the ensuing medical attention that the player received. Clarence Holloway, a freshman on the school's basketball team, was admitted to the hospital last month after experiencing a life-threatening tear in the wall of a large heart artery. At first diagnosed with a heart murmur, a heart scan quickly revealed the real problem. Holloway immediately underwent heart surgery and is now well on his way to a full recovery. What came out after all of this was said and done was the information that the heart problem had probably been plaguing Holloway since he was in high school. It was further revealed that this was the same problem that had lead to the untimely death of Holloway's father. A heart scan done earlier may have caught the problem earlier and prevented it from reaching such a life-threatening stage. As it was, the heart scan revealed information to the doctors in enough time to perform the surgery and eventually send Holloway back to the court. photo link
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