Heart Scan Radiation Dosage Can Be Lowered

One of the most important preventive screening tools that is available for use today is the heart scan. Many people die from heart disease that could have been prevented if it had been caught in the early stages. The heart scan allows for this prevention and saves many lives each year. However, there have historically been some concerns about the radiation dosage experienced by the patient during this type of scan. Although it is believed to be a safe scan with low doses of radiation, it is always better to lower the dose if at all possible.
"A new study reveals that, with dual-source computed tomography (DSCT), the effective dosage for a heart examination can be significantly lowered, in comparison to conventional computed tomography (CT)." (source)
This means that there appear to be methods and technologies available to lower the radiation dosage of the heart scan without compromising the quality of preventive care available from this important diagnostic tool. Question of the Day: Should we continue working to lower radiation dosages in the heart scan? photo link
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