Heart Scans Save Lives ... and Money

It's fairly obvious that heart scans save lives. After all, they check for problems in the heart which helps catch issues before they become fatal and also helps to determine treatment for problems. But did you know that heart scans may save more than lives? They may also save a significant amount of money spent annually on healthcare in the United States. DOTmed News takes a look at a cost model established by Milwaukee-based cardiologist Dr. William Davis. This cost model shows the vast amount of savings that would occur if heart scans were a part of regular preventative medicine that could be adopted across the nation. According to Dr. Davis, the widespread adoption of preventative CT heart scans in men aged 40 - 49 could be combined with basic heart health care to save Americans approximately $20 billion per year in health spending. That's just for that one age group and gender. That sounds like an absurd amount of money, too much to be true perhaps, but it makes sense when you look at the costs of preventative heart scans as compared with repairs to heart damage. The cost of heart surgery far exceeds the cost of a simple scan. In fact, heart care is a huge area of medical concern and there are predictions that its cost is going to grow to over $4 trillion annually in the next decade. If we can lower those costs by implementing heart scans, shouldn't we do so?
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