LA County High Heart Disease Rates

heart_disease_rate_scan_blog_Apr09.jpg Los Angeles is generally associated with high fashion, Hollywood, yoga, and all things healthy and trendy. But the most recent fad to take over the city of Angels is actually heart disease. Local health officials claim that obesity is the running problem in LA, similarly city officials and these researchers say that LAs city-life and lifestyle do not breed healthy living for all residents. The city is not condusive to parks, running, safety on the streets. Rather LA is congested, traffic-ridden and a concrete jungle. The Los Angeles Times said, "Los Angeles County ranks among the worst of California's 58 counties in deaths caused by heart disease and diabetes, according to a report released this week by the California Department of Public Health. Local health officials said the poor rankings -- 46th in deaths from diabetes and 48th in deaths from coronary heart disease -- are a continued sign that obesity-related deaths are a major problem in the county." Alongside this research the same physicians have also said residents in LA are prone to eating out more and drinking out more, causing increased caloric intake and alochol intake, which both may adversely affect your heart health. For residents of LA regular heart scans may be a wise choice.
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