Less-Invasive Alternative to Echocardiogram

People who have a reason to be concerned about the health of their heart should not wait to get testing as it is obviously better to find out sooner (as opposed to later) if there is indeed a medical issues in this part of the body. Preventive imaging may include tests as comprehensive as the heart scan or as simple as a basic check-up focused on the heart. One of the most important things to check in a heart health exam is how well the heart is pumping blood. Failure to pump to full potential could indicate dangerous blockages in the heart. The most common test for this is the echocardiogram with cardiac catheterization. However, this is an invasive test which some people are not physical capable of undergoing. A new study indicates that a less invasive nuclear stress test may be able to provide accurate results for those people who can't undergo the more invasive echocardiogram. It can check specifically for blockages as well as more generally for the heart's ability to properly pump blood. Question of the Day: What is the most effective preventive method of identifying heart disease? photo link
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