Obesity and High Risks of Heart Failure

obesity_heart_health_scan_blog_Arp09.jpg Researchers are saying that waist size of women may be more important to women as opposed to men in regards to heart disease and heart failure. Swedish researchers have said that another thing to add onto the list of problems linked to obesity is heart disease. Obese patients have always been told they are at high risk of developing heart ailments which is why these high risk patients have been urged by physicians to get yearly heart scans and check ups to prevent such problems. Forbes reported saying, "These are several possible explanations for the difference, Levitan said. "One is that the type of heart failure that men and women get is different," she said. "Another is that overall body size is more important than body shape in men." Whatever the reason, the lesson for both men and women is that weight control can reduce the risk of heart failure, Levitan said." The research also said that obesity may also be known to simply induce heart failure not even heart disease, so it is vital to take precaution and prevention methods to diagnose such issues early on.
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