Oral Hygiene may be Linked to Heart Disease

Dental_Hygeine_heart_health_Apr_09.jpg If you thought brushing your teeth kept the dentist away, it may actually be keeping the cardiologist away as well. A study has found a link between certain oral bacteria and increased instances of heart disease. Apparently, brushing your teeth properly and good dental hygiene can help your prevention of heart attack significantly. The UK Telegraph said, "Bacteria in the mouth was significantly associated with heart attacks even when other factors known to contribute to poor heart health such as have high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, body weight and smoking, were adjusted for. The subjects found to have Tannerella forsythensis were 53 per cent more likely to be in the group who had suffered a heart attack and those with Prevotella intermedia were 35 per cent more likely to be in that group than in the control group." Research in this field had been done previously, however this is the first study with substantial viable evidence.
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