Police and Heart Scans

heart_scan_Illinois_police_department_scan_blog_Feb2009.jpg The police department in Illinois will be having heart scans for the entire division in honor of a lost Sergeant. Sgt. Daniel Higgins died of heart disease, and the foundation for Daniel Higgins will be giving his former police force heart scans as a form of prevention, detection, and awareness. His foundation has received a $20,000 grant from the Kane County DUI task force to do so. The Courier News reported, "Eighty officers from Elgin, St. Charles, Batavia and Sleepy Hollow are using this grant to 'prevent the death of a law enforcement officer' and 'know the risks to their profession,' said Craig Figgins, brother of the fallen officer and executive director of the foundation." Sgt Higgins passed away at a young age and had family history for heart disease, which made him a prime candidate for a heart attack and heart disease. He like many other people who fall victim to heart disease do not know they have the ailment. Which is why heart scans can aid in preventing deaths like Sgt. Higgins.
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