Promising New Heart Medication

anti_fibrillations_scan_blog_Feb09.jpg Sanofi Aventis a prescription drug company has said there are promising results about their new drug that targets anti fibrillations. Anti fibrillations are irregular heartbeats, which can result in more serious ailments like palpitations, weakened valves, faintness or chest pain. Today's New York Times Health section was focusing on this research, they said, "The study, which was sponsored by Sanofi, indicated that the medicine could reduce hospitalizations and deaths for people with atrial fibrillation, which afflicts more than two million Americans and four million Europeans." Patients with such heart conditions should consider getting virtual heart scans regularly as precaution and prevention for more serious diseases like coronary artery disease. If this new medication can alleviate the pain and dangers, it would be a great push for the heart awareness month!
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