Software Recommended for CT Angiography

At a recent medical conference there was a presentation which suggested that it is highly important to use emerging software for the 64-slice CT because the CT Angiography isn't clear enough to provide accurate information without this software. The issue is that the machine currently prodcues hundreds of images which have to be gone through one-by-one in order to get a complete assessment of the risk of coronary artery disease. The new software would allow for 3D imaging that would significantly reduce the time needed for assessment while increasing the effectiveness of the testing. It is believed that this is going to become even more important in the years to come because more and more people are suffering from problems with coronary artery disease. Twenty five percent of deaths in the UK are caused by this disease. With more patients, it becomes even more important that doctors increase the efficiency of this type of screening. Learn all about this issue and the new technology designed to resolve it here. Question of the Day: Is more efficient CT Angiography testing required? photo link
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